Kimberly Maynes

Owner Bottega Salon / Master Colorist / Stylist
I have been in the beauty industry for more then 15 years. I started my career ...

Dannell Lutz

A master stylist featured at Bottega Salon in Denver, CO. She started her ...

Salina Andazola

Master Stylist/Colorist
Salina Andazola started her love affair with hair in 2004 Salina sought out to ...

Dana Rodriguez

Salon Coordinater
I have been in the business for over 15 years. I have always had a love for the ...

Jessie McPherson

Master Stylist
Jessie began her career in the industry in 2012. After realizing she needed a ...
Kayla Chilelle

Kayla Chilelli

Master Stylist
Hello my name is Kayla I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years. I enjoy ...
Erin Riedell

Erin Riedell

Master Colorist / Master Stylist
I have been in the industry professionally since 2003. Growing up in salons I ...
Lindie Romero

Lindie Romero

Master Stylist
Lindie specializes in coloring, extensions, cuts, and designs. With an artistic ...
Amber Richardi

JulieAnne Martens

Master Colorist / Master Stylist
I am very passionate about the hair industry! I love to customize my guests ...
JulieAnne Martens

Amber Richardi

Master Stylist
Growing up in the industry as a third generation hairdresser Amber knows and ...
bottega salon stylist

Lisa Latsonas

Master Stylist
Artistically, I believe hair is our most visible accessory. My specialties are ...
  • Kim is an amazing stylist who keeps updated on all of the newest trends. She has the best hair products. Go check it out this is one stop you will never regret! - Dana Rodriguez    
  • Kim is a stylist with over 20 years experiexperience. Her up to date knowledge on the latest techniques and trends make her a master! She has always done an excellent job on my hair. - LaChelle Myers Huddleston    
  • I LOVE MY HAIR!!! What a great experience from start to finish. Bottega Salon treated me like a princess, and I left feeling AMAZING! - Michelle Shaw Hettinger    
  • Kim has done my hair for about 15 years, I love it!! Everyone love my color and cut, gives me a lot of - Linda Myers    
  • My extensions are AMAZING!!!! I love love my long beautiful hair. Bottega did such an amazing job! one even knows! They all think I have gorgeous long locks!! - Michelle Shaw Hettinger    
  • I love the vibe, the look and to top it off  I can have some champagne while I get my hair done. Kim  has been cutting my hair perfectly since 2008. Kim is awesome,  she is honest, knows her stuff, and is always on the cusp of what is happening right now! Bottega Salon’s location is beautiful and the staff is always so nice and accommodating. The salon itself is combined with “Master Artists” experience which has them untouchable. - Jamie Ford    
  • I have never walked away unhappy. I have seen several stylists in my years, and with Kim I am always pleased with the end results. Bottega Salon does not  just hire any stylist, they hand pick their employees, so you do not have to worry about a novice holding scissors or hot wax. I live about 130 miles away, and have looked for places closer to home, but always regret it. Kim at Bottega Salon is worth the drive for me. Why chance it with someone else. - Debbie F.    